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America and the challenges of religious diversity Essay

Religion and Theory Introduction   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   The world today is dynamic such that there is need to recognize the diversity of the people that live in it. People across the world are different in terms of culture, religion and race. However, there are few people that have consistently failed to accommodate diverse beliefs and opinions. One of the diversity factor that has come under sharp focus is religion. All over the world, there are people with special religious sensitivities and thus the need to accommodate diverse opinions when it comes to religion. Such people should be allowed to promote and practice their religious beliefs and practices with little or no interference. However, this freedom should be limited to the fact that the said religious beliefs and practices do not infringe on the rights of other people in the society.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   The practice of religious persecutions started man7y years ago when certain religious beliefs and practices were discouraged. The consequences of practicing the discouraged religious practices included harassment and illegal persecution. Today, it is very difficult to identify individuals with special sensitivities and sensibilities from the street. However, there are certain factors that are common with certain religious following. Different religious groups have different code of dressing. This might make it easier to identify an individual with religious sensitivity.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   According to Wuthnow, (2011), religious groups such as the Islamic faith require that women dress modestly. Inn more conservative Muslims, women are required to wear veils covering most of their body. This is to reinforce their religious beliefs regarding chastity and behaviour. Muslim men also wear long flowing gowns which also would make them easy to identify. Almost every ethno-religious subcultures ranging from mainstream religious following such as the Hindu to smaller ethno-religious subcultures such as the Amish have a specific dress code. However, the dressing code is not the only way that one can identify people with religious sensitivities. The important thing for every individual in the society is to learn and respect the divergent opinion of the general populous when it comes to religion. References Wuthnow, R. (2011). America and the challenges of religious diversity. Princeton University Press. Source document

Who Has Been the Biggest Influence in My Life

As such, I am charged with the constitutional duty, which I am resolved to carry out, of serving the interests of the members of all groups of our people and doing justice to every man. It is in this spirit that I now come before you. For in administering the affairs of this nation, you and I share the common responsibility of providing the leadership, the guidance and the service that a democratic government owes to the people.You and I must provide for their enjoyment of those basic requisites for decent living and of those adequate opportunities for the attainment of material prosperity and spiritual fulfillment. Only thus will they be able to stand in dignity and freedom in the community of nations. We assume our joint responsibilities at a time when the Nation is faced with many serious problems. The eyes of the world are focused on us, anxious to see how this new Government will face the difficulties confronting it.Our performance will be judged not only by our own people but a lso by the other nations of the world, not only by the present but also by posterity. Because of the impelling and serious problems facing the country today, I should like to depart from the traditional practice of my illustrious predecessors of delivering an all-embracing State of the Nation message. I shall not burden you now with all the details usually embodied in such a message, especially those related to the customary and routinary activities of the government.While it is recognized that such functions deserve equal and proper attention, I believe it would be more in keeping with the exigencies of the moment to submit, at the proper time and in the hour of need, such special messages to Congress on these matters as may be warranted by circumstances. In the interest of priority of purpose, therefore, I beg leave to submit for the consideration of this Congress only the most paramount problems of the Nation which, in my considered opinion, require immediate and preferential att ention. STATEMENT OF OUR MISSIONIn my inaugural address, I set forth the goals of our Administration in the coming years, as follows— 1. The solution of the problem of corruption; 2. The attainment of self-sufficiency in the staple food of our people, namely, rice and corn; 3. The creation of conditions that will provide more income to our people—income for those who have none and more income for those whose earnings are inadequate for their elemental needs; 4. The establishment of practices that will strengthen the moral fiber of our nation and reintroduce those values that would invigorate our democracy; and 5.The launching of a bold but well-formulated socio-economic program that shall place the country on the road to prosperity for all our people. This five-fold mission may be carried out by resolving two major problems, namely—the need for moral regeneration and the problem of economic growth. Democracy on Trial In the accomplishment of our mission, we have chosen the freedom of democracy as the context for the solution of our problems. Democracy is truly on trial along with us in our social and economic travails.By our success or failure in leading the Nation from the abyss of want to the plateau of abundance, not only ourselves but also our way of life will be judged. If we falter, we shall fail democracy as well as our people and thus bolster communism’s boast that it is a superior political system. But if we succeed in laying a dynamic and permanent base for justice and prosperity in this country, we shall vindicate not only ourselves but democracy itself. Therefore, I first invite your attention to the decadent state of our public morality.Our efforts to achieve the goal of economic and social fulfillment will be more effective and the results we obtain more permanent only if we can suffuse them with a pervasive moral regeneration. At my inauguration, I stated that I would seek to strengthen the nation’s moral fiber through formal modes of reform, enforcement of the laws and the exercise of the tremendous persuasive power of the Presidency in setting the personal example of honesty, uprightness and simple living.The enforcement of the law is solely the responsibility of the Executive Department, but I invite all to join the Executive in wielding the potent power of moral example, and I particularly urge the Congress to assist in conceiving those reforms that will contribute to a moral renaissance of our people. Let me, however, add that it is wasted effort to steep the young in virtue and morality only to let them realize as they grow up that their elders are neither moral nor virtuous.We -must, therefore, see to it that the practices allowed by law in government and business, in the professions and labor unions, in field and factory—in every area of national endeavor—conform as much as possible with the moral and the ethical. Such practices can be sustained and upheld only if we can at the same time create a sthrong public opinion that will actively approve them and vigilantly condemn the contrary. In our actions, we should not be guided only by what is legal. We must go beyond legality into the demands of morality. Our acts must not only be legal but must be moral as well.

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Classroom Management-Routines and Procedures Essay

The following in-class activities are in the specialized area K-8. The first in-class activity is the use of centers. In this activity student are able to pick their center that they would like to participate in. Students are given a 20-minute center time that is split into two 10-minute sessions. This allows the students to stay interested in the activity. Types of centers that the students can choose from are: Reading Center, Write the Room, Money Center, Art Center, Listening Center, Pattern Block Center, Puppet Center, Computer Center, or Poetry Center. While students are seated, the teacher reminds the students of center procedures. The children have previously been instructed how to utilize each center. The teacher will choose a stick with the child’s name on it, to determine who gets to pick first and there after. They are reminded that no more than 2-3 people can be at each center, and because of this should be thinking of another center in case the center they first c hoose is full. Students will remain in there seats until everyone has picked a center. The children will hear a bell and are asked to stop what they are doing, clean up their center, and go to their desk where the teacher will now assign them to a different center. During this activity one of my behavioral expectations will be that students are quiet during their center time. Quiet doesn’t mean that the student can’t talk, but they must whisper to their fellow center members if they need too. Center time is still learning time and I want each student to respect that. Students are told that should they break that rule, a warning will be given and then if broken again, they will have to go to their seat until it is time to switch centers. The second expected behavior is that the students stay at his/her center, until they are told to switch. The students are not permitted to roam around the room and visit with classmates at other centers. It is important to maintain a structured, well-balanced classroom environment where students carry over my behavioral expectations from activity to activity. The second in-class activity is the morning meeting board. This activity is done first thing every morning. During this activity we discuss what our schedule for the day will be, take our lunch count, practice our days of the week, months of the year, what the temperature for that day is, daily smart board activities, and many other repetitive activities we do on a daily basis. This activity requires students to be on the floor in front of the meeting board facing me. The morning meeting board requires individual student answers and a high level of engagement. Students are required to sit in an assigned seating area on the floor and remain there until meeting board is over. During this activity one of my behavioral expectation is that there is no talking. Children are not allowed to talk, as it is a distraction to the learning process. Children are told that they are not allowed to talk unless their name is called to answer a question or a group response is needed. The no talking rule, fixes the need for a child to blurt out the answer when it is not their turn. The next behavioral expectation is that students will keep their hands and feet to themselves. It is very tempting to distract your classmate while seated on the floor close to each other. By implementing this expectation, students are learning self-control and the skill of accountability. Students are expected to be able to stay in their assigned area and engage in the activity with little or no distractions. There are many opportunities to take students on the adventure of learning outside the classroom. The first activity is a school wide assembly that would require K-12 students to meet in the gymnasium. The assembly is in an environment that is energetic and fun. The students listen to music by the band, watch or participate in a fun activity with older students, and listen to administration lecture about upcoming events and other important information. This atmosphere will bring out many different behaviors from my students. It is important that I allow them to have a fun, positive experience but with expectations on how they need to behave. My first expectation is that the students will remain in their seats and not move around. With the energy that this assembly will bring, students will need to stay seated so that they are not distracting the other students or those who are putting on the assembly. Students will also be expected to not visit or talk with their classmates during the assembly, as it is a classroom rule to sit quietly while others are speaking. Setting these expectations and explaining why I have them is important for the student to understand. The next out-of-class activity is a field trip to a pumpkin patch. This field trip is a fun, hands on learning experience. The pumpkin patch has a petting zoo, zip line, corn maze, tractor rides, train rides, face painting, pedal tractor racetrack, and many engaging activities. This activity can also bring out an array of different behaviors in children, which the teacher must be mindful of. On field trips there are teacher helpers like volunteers/parents, who go along to help keep a watchful eye on the students. Students are split into small groups and are teamed up with a teacher helper. Teacher helpers are given instructions as to what I expect from my students. One of my behavioral expectations is that the students remain in their group at all times. Students are told that they will not be able to roam about the pumpkin patch without their group and their teacher helper. They are told that the teacher helper will be the one who decides when to move on to the next activity. My next behavioral expectation is that the students respect the property of the pumpkin patch and those who work there. This is already one of our classroom rules and they will be expected to follow it even though we are not in school. A teacher must try to always be one step ahead of their students when it comes to how students will behave in situations. It is extremely important that students always know what is expected of them. A teacher may continually have the child recite the rules over and over, but that doesn’t mean they understand what it means. A teacher may think that the classroom rules are clear and concise, but to a few students they many not be. The first way a teacher can evaluate what her students understand about those expectations, is through discussion. The teacher must state the rule and then explain what it means. The teacher’s explanation should provide examples and scenarios that the student can understand. Allowing the children to give examples that they can relate to, can also help evaluate their understand of the expectation. Another way to evaluate is through role-playing. Children are given scenarios on how to break the rules or follow the rules and then they act it out. The class audience can then determine what rule is broken and how it could have been prevented. The students may also act out how it looks to follow the rule. The teacher can then explain what consequence would be given if rules are not followed. This is fun for the students and allows the teacher to see who is or doesn’t understand the expectations.

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Cybercrimes for IT Professionals Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Cybercrimes for IT Professionals - Essay Example Tribunals consider establishing a global cyber court with a single aim to contest and adjudicate all cyber felons who committed various cyber crimes around the globe. For example, a cyber felon from Japan, who was caught hacking a business system in the United States, will be tried through the cyber court. However, this idealistic notion is in the process of development and agreement between countries. Nevertheless, it is best for business organizations to ensure and perfectly manage their cyber systems in order to avoid an attack by cyber felons, such as strengthening the computer network access made by the organizational management. In this way, business management can first handedly secure and elude any potential threat onto their system database (McConnell International, 2000; Johansson, 2006b). The problem on cyber crime is not far from resolution because of new and evolving ways to stop such offense. The basic way to stop cyber crime is not through a litigation process held by legal professionals, but it will depend on the IT professionals who are hired to make sure that the company’s data system is secured and

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International Marketing Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

International Marketing - Assignment Example Three aspects of McDonald’s global marketing management are discussed – the degree of standardization or adaptation of marketing mix, the globalization model employed, and the country of origin effect, of McDonald’s international operations. 1.0 Standardization or adaptation of McDonald’s marketing mix Critically analyse the extent that your chosen global brand’s marketing mix is standardised and/or adapted across international markets. Conclude by providing a 2-3 paragraph summary that discusses whether you consider this to be an appropriate strategy(s). Remember to support your answer. Product – McDonald’s continuously innovates its products in line with the changing tastes and preferences of its local market. An example is McDonald’s Indian market, where the customers are predominantly vegetarian. As a result of adaptation, the company removed some of its popular international offerings – ham, beef, and mutton burgers – from its menu, and instead offered a predominantly vegetarian menu. It does, however, offer Chicken Maharaja Mac, a recent concoction based on consumer taste. In Spain it has McMuffin con Huevo, and in Hawaii it has Kahuna Burger (Nation’s Restaurant News, 2005). Illustrated below is one of the localized products of McDonald’s, and a curiosity among Western customers used to the Big Mac. Below is shown the vegetarian burger specially developed for the Indian market, with the ingredients and taste custom designed to suit this growing market. Source: Bhartiya, et al., 2008, p. 22 Place – McDonald’s policy on place, specifically referring to distribution channels, is to have its product available to the customer at the right place, at the right time, and in the right quantity and quality. In the USA, nearly half of all customers are within a 3 minute drive to an outlet of McDonald’s. In the outlets, customers are offered McDonald’s â⠂¬Ëœvalue propositions’ – hygienic environment, pleasant ambience, specially programmed music, polite and prompt service. Certain areas are dedicated to children where an indoor playground is usually situated. More recently, internet wifi service has been provided. As far as place is concerned, McDonald’s maintains the same quality standard worldwide. Price – McDonald’s strategy of affording value pricing and bundling strategies are largely standardized, such as the happy meal, combo meal, and family meal, for which it offers discounted pricing. However, as to the price vis-a-vis meal portions, these are strategically adjusted to target the middle and lower income consumers. Promotion – McDonald’s promotional thrust is a combination of standardization and adaptation. Standardization is evident in the style, the message, and the use of the same mascots, particularly Ronald McDonald who has represented the company throughout the world s ince 1963. A market study determined that Ronald McDonald has the second highest name recall

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Ethylene Oxide is a Carcinogen Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Ethylene Oxide is a Carcinogen - Essay Example 4.2 Technical Adequacy Analysis 15-16 4.3 Data Collection Process 16 4.4 Research Design 16-17 5. Conclusion 17 7. References 18-20 Introduction: Ethylene oxide is a sterilant gas, an important industrial chemical.(14) It is used as an intermediate in the production of ethylene oxide and is toxic, when inhaled. There are reports of large health implications including respiratory disorders, dizziness, headache, and increase in exposure may also lead to convulsions, seizure and coma. It is rapidly taken up via lungs and can also be absorbed through the skin from the gas phase or from the aqueous solutions and is uniformly distributed in to the body as it is soluble in blood. Based on studies in occupationally exposed populations, ethylene oxide is a carcinogenic via inhalation route of exposure. Ethylene oxide causes leukemia, lymphoma, brain, hematopoietic and breast cancer. It is classified as carcinogenic to humans by the International Agency for Research on Cancer.(14) Extensive research have been done to determine the toxicity of ethylene oxide through epidemiological studies, by exposing a cohort group of animals to ethylene oxide or on group of workers who have been...Ethylene oxide causes leukemia, lymphoma, brain, hematopoietic and breast cancer. It is classified as carcinogenic to humans by the International Agency for Research on Cancer.(14) Extensive research have been done to determine the toxicity of ethylene oxide through epidemiological studies, by exposing a cohort group of animals to ethylene oxide or on group of workers who have been working in environment containing ethylene oxide.(REF) This gas releases in to the atmosphere while handing, storage and transportation. The present contribution discusses the health hazards of EtO in humans and environment. The physical and the chemical properties are also discussed. The potential exposures of this toxic gas in the environment (air, earth and water) and the occupational exposure and the routes of exposure (inhalation, skin and eye exposure and ingestion) are also discussed. The research methodologies pertaining to the occurrence of EtO is also described. Ethylene Oxide (C2H4O, EtO) is used as a sterilant in the pharmaceuticals and food industry(4). It is used as a sterilant since its biocidal, both bactericidal and fungicidal.

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Economics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 21

Economics - Essay Example Cones home began to slide, and stated that he would resort to simply killing any of the woodpecker that he saw without informing others, so that he may use his land as he pleases; Cones disregard for the Act made it pointless. To protect endangered species, the government would have to front a massive amount of money if they wish to see success in their plans. The cost of the plan, though, would depend on each endangered species; the species would be funded for individually, not as an entire group of all endangered animals (Keim, 2009). The benefit of the government interfering would be that these species would have a chance to breed and strive, rising above the status of an endangered species. The government would have rules and regulations set down to force people to be aware of their natural surroundings and the environment, in hopes of saving these species. By not protecting an endangered species, the government does not lose money to a cause that may or may not work. Small, individual groups and organizations will have to depend on themselves if they want to see something done. The benefits of the government not helping are that others would not feel forced into helping a cause that they do not care about and that their money is going to something that they themselves can personally benefit from. The downside to the government interfering is that homeowners begin to lose their say in how they keep and tend to their property. These people may not feel the same way about saving a species as someone else might, yet they would be required to adhere to any rules and regulations that are set down for the purpose of protecting these animals. There can also still be instances when the homeowners disregard the regulations, feeling that it is not the governments business to tell them how to tend to their yard, as Cone shows. In fact, as Cone did by threatening to just kill off the woodpecker, people can just cause more harm to the species, even if the government